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Frodo Kaspy, Gery Rake and Lubor Turek

Bareback Adventures

You may notice that this video is not the usual Raw Production video. There are two muscled men for your eyes pleasure. The twink, Frodo Kaspy, meets two macho policemen. The cops are muscular and are in late 20s. As an avid fan of men in uniform, Frodo can’t help sporting a boner. Those horny cops are more than happy to feed Frodo their hard leaking dicks. The muscular cop, Gery Rake, eagerly fucks Frodo’s mouth. As he moves his muscled body, his muscles flex. When it comes to anal sex, the other hot cop – Lubor Turek – gets the opportunity to breed the horny twink’s hungry ass. The dark-skinned cop, Lubor, is quite muscular with broad pecs. Frodo is in sex heaven as he willingly let those cops use his body for their sexual pleasure. If you like cops or men in uniform, you’ve gotta watch this sex video.  Don’t miss it!


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Jason and Jake

Bulldog Pit

Jake, a tough guy, comes to a bar only to find an attractive drunken stud named Jason. Nothing is said as they stare at each other. However, both know that they want to fuck with each other. Their eyes tell it all. Jake lustfully greets Jason. Soon, both men begin to arouse each other by groping their bodies. It only takes seconds for them to get horny beyond words. Every inch of their bodies is explored. Even the soles are stimulated, too. Jake indeed has feet fetish and he loves licking Jason’s toes. He can cum if a handsome man rubs his feet. However, licking is not enough. Jake wants more; he longs to get fucked. Of course,  the stud, Jason, is more than happy to fulfill the sex wish. The horny stud fucks the bottom hard before finally blows his loads across the pig’s willing face!


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Sage Daniels and Dominik Rider

Bareback That Hole

If you want to get horny, you should watch this video. It is yet another sexy one. You will definitely cum when watching it, especially if you like hot raw sex. This sex scene opens with some kissing and embracing act. Dominik Rider gets the privilege to suck Sage’s cock through the underwear. Sage then eagerly pushes his talented tongue into Dominik’s tight ass as he tries to arouse Dominik. Dominik seems to enjoy the ass treatment because he then begins to beg Sage Daniels to milk his dick. Yet, Sage has no plan to make Dominik cum. Before getting fucked, Dominik licks Sage’s ass clean, until it’s covered with his saliva. Then the muscle hunk sits on Sage’s erect fuck pole. The scene intensifies from this point as Sage throws Dominik on his back and breeds his ass hard. As the thrust intensifies, Dominik’s hole turns sloppy with precum. Sage fucks Dominik’s ass until he sprays huge loads of gooey cum into Dominik’s bareback hole. As hot men kiss each other and share the cum, this video ends.


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Dan Steele

Alpha Male Fuckers

Our new model – Dan Steele – is very likable. He is the ultimate sex fantasy for guys who love hairy men. Even the porn star – Kurt Rogers – fancies him as well. Living by himself in his apartment always makes it hard for Dan to take care of his hard on. Since there’s no man to fuck with, Dan often masturbates. This hunky man has great physical features: handsome face, dark hair, stubble. He has a trail of body hair, from his pecs down to his perfect dick. We get the sexy view of his bulging pants as his dick demands to be serviced. He jacks off slowly at first. Then he builds up the speed into a frenzy stroking. But apparently a hand alone doesn’t proide much pleasure. Dan reaches for a flesh light and then slides it up and down his engorged dick. From the look of his face, we can tell that Dan is in much sexual bliss. When Dan finally shoots out his creamy loads, it’s quite spectacular. His sweaty hairy body is drenched with gooey cum.

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Kurt Rogers

Alpha Male Jerk Offs

It is normal for every man to wake up in the morning with a hardon. Our sexy model, Kurt, experiences it too. This hunk hates to ignore his erection thus he decides to stroke it to calm the erection down. You can see his muscles flexes as he strokes his ram rod. However, unlike most men, Kurt can bend over to suck his own cock! Most men wish they could do it and they can only dream it. Yet, only few who actually can and know how to do so. Sucking his throbbing cock head, Kurt pumps his fuck tool. His erection gets harder as he looks at some porn magazines. Precum seeps out from the slit, already. At that moment, he wishes he could have cocks to suck or asses to fuck. But the masturbatory pleasure is quite intense and he can’t hold himself back. Lying on his broad back, Kurt shoots his thick spunk all over his handsome face. In the process, he gets to taste his own cum as it lands on his mouth.

sexy virile man


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