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Logan McCree, Vinnie d'Angelo and Brett Carter

Alpha Male Fuckers

Have you witnessed any filthy locker room sex? If you haven’t watched it, then you must view this sexy horny video. It stars Logan McCree, Vinnie d’Angelo and Brett Carter and guarantees to make your dream come true. It happens that Logan McCree – the tattooed porn star – and his boyfriend Vinnie d’Angelo, are in luck because they manage to find a twink worth fucking. They decide to teach Brett ways to please men sexually. Logan is proud of his large tattoos that cover almost every inch of his naked body from head to toe. This stud even gets his dick tattooed. His boyfriend, Vinnie, also has his body tattooed as the sign of virility, masculinity, and love. Vinnie’s body is rather burly and is matted with a thick layer of body hair on his bare torso. Vinnie’s fuck tool is also impressively big. Together, they show Brett how pleasurable sex with men can be. Brett’s smooth body is explored, inch by inch. His tight asshole is fingered and played with until it’s ready for anal penetration. The end of this video is very hot! Don’t miss seeing some cock juice splatter Brett’s cute twink face.

Three gay men and threesome

Three gay men and threesome


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Alpha Male Fuckers at it’s best: Tattooed superstar Logan McCree with boyfriend Vinnie

Alpha Male Fuckers

Tattooed superstar Logan McCree gets back with boyfriend Vinnie after Butch has been dealt with, servicing his man with an incredibly hot oral workout from both sides. Logan’s famous body and great dick really is a sight to behold, especially when he’s deep throating Vinnie, his throat expanding as the shaft slides down!! Subjected to Vinnie’s powerful thrusts up his butt, Logan is given a real hard pounding as punishment, making him yell out so loud as his dick explodes with tasty spunk , quickly followed by Vinnie’s own load, both bodies tensing as they reach an intense orgasm.

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Tattooed superstar Logan McCree fucks with boyfriend Vinnie

Alpha Male Fuckers

Tattooed superstar Logan McCree returns but this time he is with his boyfriend – Vinnie. That guy looks very excited to do a video featuring Vinnie.  The sex that happens between them is real. Logan’s famous body and great dick are worth watching, especially when he gives his boyfriend a deep throating. Logan’s throat can expand as the thick shaft slides in and out! Surrendering himself to Vinnie’s strong thrusts up his ass, Logan takes the pounding like a real man. At times, Logan groans out his pleasure as he lets his body be used. The inevitable event finally comes as his dick explodes with tasty spunk . It is soon followed by Vinnie’s ejaculation. Both of their bodies tense up as they reach the shattering orgasm.

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Tattooed legend Logan McCree with Vinnie on Alpha Male Fuckers

Alpha Male Fuckers

This video is actually an extra that is not planned for . It started when Vinnie came to the studio to watch his real-life lover Logan McCree jerking off on the set. Previously, they both did a photoshoot for us in London. The set for Logan was a locker room. Vinnie happened to sit behind the camera like a director. Logan began his solo shoot by pulling his big balls through the leg of his football shorts. He  kneaded them slowly down and stroked the big purplish cock head. Logan enjoyed the masturbation and liked showing it off.

However, Logan was not the only one who had fun. Vinnie was jacking off, too! He moved his hand over the massive this cock in long low slow stokes . Sometimes, Vinnie spat his hand then rubbed the spit around his cut cock. He pulled off his trousers, slided his back against his chair and continued watching Logan approach his climax. After Logan’s ejaculation, Vinnie called him over. “I’m about to cum now. Feed me your cock so I can taste your cum”. The camera kept rolling as it happened. Logan gave Vinnie what he wanted, letting Vinnie lick his cock and balls and helping him ejaculate. Vinnie’s orgasm was spectacular. You should see it!

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Great jerk off by Loga McCree on Alpha Male Fuckers

Alpha Male Jerk Offs, logan mccree

Logan McCree comes to the studio, proudly taking along  his life partner Vinnie D’Angelo.  Several men from the crew are pretty obviously envious about the sex scene. They love Vinnie, however they are more “in love” with Logan. It seems that the whole world is in love with Logan. During the photo shot,  Logan sits on a bench in his sexy shorts and looks at the camera. His deep stare even attracts the photographer as well. There’s something mysteriously sexy about his eyes. Logan acts quite professionally for a gay porn star. He starts by rubbing his bulging crotch through the sporty shorts. As he oozes out his masculinity, he slowly plays with his long cock. The lewd bulge in his shorts grows bigger. Apparently, it’s too hot for Vinnie who sits nearby, as he begins touching himself too. He gets his cock out and jerks off as he watches his lover masturbating.

Logan teases his audience by bringing the head of his cock out of the leg of his shorts. He later pulls his balls, out of the other leg. His manhood is hard and thick. Every gay man will wish that he could kneel before Logan’s crotch and blow Logan’s dick. Vinnie obviously has no objection that his boyfriend becomes the sex fantasy of many men.

Logan continues stroking his tattooed cock which is said to be tattooed by himself. In order to get comfortable, Logan later pulls down his shorts and gives the audience the obstructed view of his ball sacks, his hairy crack of his arse, and his amazingly big cock. Logan strokes himself until he finally can’t hold it anymore. Then, he shoots repeatedly! It’s truly amazing!

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Logan Mc Cree on Alpha Male Jerkoff

Alpha Male Jerk Offs

So Logan McCree arrives at the studio with his life partner Vinnie D’Angelo. A few of the team are pretty jealous of what is about to happen upstairs on set. They love Vinnie, but they are all “in love” with Logan. I mention that I don’t understand why the world is in love with Logan, but the guys in the office just glare at me like I am mad! Well, things soon change for sure: I am watching Logan sit on the changing room bench in his shorts and vest. He looks at the camera and instantly I fall “in lust!”. It is something in his eyes, as he gets sexually aroused he is like a Tiger on the hunt! He begins by rubbing his crotch through his football shorts. Slowly, manfully, he plays with his long cock. His bulge grows. This is so hot that even Vinnie, sitting out of shot can’t help himself. He too, gets his cock out and jerks off watching his lover self-pleasure! Logan starts teasing by bringing just the head of his cock out of the leg of the shorts, and then tugs his balls, out of the other leg. His cock gets so fucking hard and big. I am on the floor between his legs just wanting to grab his huge manhood and suck on it, but Vinnie is watching. I am sure he wouldn’t mind, but I want to keep the momentum going. Logan strokes his tattooed cock (by the way, he tattooed this part of his body himself). Logan, pulls of his shorts and let’s us see in full his heavy ball sack, the hairy crack of his arse and the full amazing length of his cock. He leans back on the bench and obviously enjoying every moment, strokes until he comes to a gushing climax! Wow, what a sportsman!!

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