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Dion and Otis Stenko fucking on Sweet and Raw

Sweet and Raw

My friends Dion and Otis Stenko are both models and they told me the kinkiest story went they got back from their last bareback shoot . Let me tell you that your devoted Bjorn wish he could have been there with them. They started by taking kinky pictures in their jock strap. It wasn’t long before they were rock hard and caressing each other ass and pricks. After a good suck and ass play they moved on to more serious stuff in a memorable bareback fuck . Oh maybe I should start modelling with them.

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Bareback scene with Dion and Otis Stenko


Dion and Otis Stenko are both adult models who have had much experience in turning on men. One of their experiences is quite kinky and it happened during their most recent  bareback shoot . Their experience may make most gay men envy them because it’s simply too horny. It starts with kinky pictures in their jockstraps. It doesn’t take much time for them to get naked. Sporting lewd erection, both men caress each other’s ass and prick. After several minutes of blowjob and ass rimming, the two of them are ready for  a memorable bareback fuck . It is obvious that their future career in adult modeling will be bright.

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Alpha Male Fuckers dream fuck with Jed Willcox and Doug Ruffman

Alpha Male Fuckers

A pair of hot studs are seen walking together to a garden. They find a shelter which provides enough shading as a place to release their horniness. The place is safe because there is no one to see. Both men then kiss each other’s lips as they taste each other’s tongue. Their kiss is deep and wet as they jerk off to prepare the meaty tools for a fuck session. However, before they get to anal action, they suck each other first. The deep throat scene is quite horny! Having perfect abs, pecs, muscular legs and arms , these men are every gay’s dream fucker. Watch them fuck and feel their manliness envelopes your body. The memorable scene is the anal sex when they fuck against a wall. Just imagine how eager both fuckers are as they enjoy the sex.

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Bareback Adventures

Another hot and steamy scene at BareAdventure, Johny Hunter fucking and getting bareback fucked !! Johny Hunter and Tomi Sem are so into each other that it’s not long before they are both rock hard and throbbing for each other’s ass!! Johny gets Tomi worked up into a bareback frenzy by fucking him before he slides down on Tomi and feels his dick deep inside him before tasting his spunk!!

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Johny Hunter and Tomi Sem bareback fucking in a hot scene

Bareback Adventures

Do you want to see Johny Hunter getting screwed? He is going to get bred in this hot video – bareback fucked ! You will not want to miss it. Johny Hunter will be paired with Tomi Sem. They really like each other, thus it’s easy to create sexual chemistry between them.  It doesn’t take them long to get hard and throbbing for each other’s butt hole! Johny manages to turn Tomi craving for  bareback frenzy by fucking him hard. Later, he willingly slides down on Tomi’s dick  and feels his manhood deep inside him before tasting his juicy sperms!

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Michael Amerika and German

Alpha Male Fuckers

Another great find for Trojan Rock producer of Alpha Male Fuckers . Tanned German and pale skinned Michael get hard at it under the sunshine, playing with their huge cocks and hot butts .

Eager to have his dick devoured as he takes his friend’s; Michael turns himself over and thrusts his thick cock into German’s face , who’s more than happy to take it past his hot lips as his dick gets ready to plunge into Michael. I love this face fucking moment….Pale skinned The pale skin star is getting fucked by the tanned fucker is an awesome contrast that has cocks throbbing left and right, and as Michael proves himself to be a real cock hungry bottom lad, pushing back and feeling German pulsate inside his tight ring. Enjoy those 2 fuckers giving you an online ride for your fancies… I enjoyed it to the last drip.
Roger McMan

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Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo performing live at Tonka

Alpha Male Fuckers, Logan Mcree

You will agree if I say that Logan McCree is courageously hot. I don’t think I have the bravery to get my cock tattooed; it’s a scary thought. However, Logan has tattoos all over his body, from head to toes. Each tattoo on his body has a meaning. This guy claims that the tattoos can protect him and also make him look less human. He sure baffles everyone when he mentions about the less human part. But it doesn’t change the fact that Logan is quite manly.
Logan McCree, Vinnie D'Angelo and friendsLogan McCree, Vinnie D'Angelo and Trojan Rock
For the Holiday season, Alpha Male Fuckers presents a jaw-dropping unbelievably hot video. Your cock will definitely drip as you view it. This video is shot in a gay bar and everything happens naturally.

Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo

Lorenzo, an outstanding painting artist, painted Logan McCree and Vinnie D’Angelo with Alpha Male logos onto their naked bodies. As you can see in one of the pictures, Alpha Male Fuckers’ producer and beefy, hairy and man mountain porn star Trojan Rock poses with those stars before they perform.

Both stars immediately perform.The crowds cheer as they get to see their favorite gay stars in action. The evening is unbelievably successful; everyone at Tonka loves the live sex show. Logan McCree and Vinnie D’Angelo really know how to show off. It’s amazing how they can manage their lover’s chemistry. With huge rock hard cocks they suck fuck, lick and tease each other. Logan stands over Vinnie and takes the lighting rig which is then used as the device to face fuck Vinnie. Vinnie is more than happy to rim his lover’s sweet ass, deep and hard. When Vinnie eats Logan’s hole, Vinnie’s cock is bouncing with eagerness. These guys party until the last minute before driving to the airport to catch a 5 AM flight to Germany. I hope that you will as much fun as I do watching the show.
Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo

All the best…
Roger Mc Man

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Aitor Crash and Butch Grand in a great fisting scene

Alpha Male Fuckers

Wow, what an amazing fisting scene with 2 beefy men. It doesn’t get much better if you like gay beefy hairy men . Butch being a huge fisting bottom and Aitor a true fisting pig, they just went for a great fisting frenzy session! Both as rough in every sense of the word, the 2 porn stars began by eating each other’s hole with absolute passion and hard edged tongues Tattooed Aitor and his fierce looks are a perfect match for hairy superstar Butch’s hungry hole. Butch clearly couldn’t get enough of Aitors fine cock, and takes it all the way down his throat and then teases Aitor by licking and biting his balls.

Aitor plays with Butch’s arse for hours, with his fingers spit and tongue. It is clear at this point that Butch wants more and Aitor is so happy to start putting more than two or three fingers in his hole. He plays with it and widens Butch’s twitching ass until Aitor expertly begins to fist Butch. Butch moan with pleasurer as Aitor drives his fist up to the knuckles and then slips his whole fist in. The deeper Aitor fists the more Butch moves on it…and Aitor plays, both aggressively and smoothly, as Butchs ass ring grabs round Aitors wrist and forearm.

Aitor and Butch

Fisting scene with Aitor and Butch

Fisting frenzy

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Fred Mauer and Igor Lucas

Felch That Hole

This is another intense showstopper of a felching scene that can only be achieved with hot guys that are totally horned up and hot for eachother… Bareback fucking, ass breeding, and hole felching … this scene has it all… Igor always has a warm place in his hole for raw cock and Fred is much the same… Both of these guys put on a fabulous display of hot passionate bareback sex with lots of flip fucking, ass rimming, and cum felching that will leave you wanting it to never stop…

Fred and Igor start us off with some intense ass eating, cock sucking, and good old fashioned kissing and necking… but it doesn’t take long for these guys to get into the main event… Each Other’s hole… After fucking each other in a variety of positions, slobbering all over each other’s greedy holes, and groping one another intensely both these guys blast their wads for one another only to treats themselves with licking, eating, and snowballing the juice between back and forth… Fresh out the hole and right onto the tongue… is how the scenes ends… without a drop wasted… Intense, Authentic, Original… All shot in Hi-Def… another
for our members to enjoy!!! What more can we say…

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Sebastian Carle and Jax Sterling no holds barred sex scene

BareBack That Hole

Sebastian satisfies another horny raw bottom with his thick fat uncut cock … Jax Sterling is that horny bottom and a new face to our site… Living out their fantasy as leather boys … Both Sebastian and Jax put on a delicious display of hot raunchy bareback sex … The energy and chemistry is intense between these two guys in this no holds barred sex scene… Sebastian is looking extremely fine in his leather gear… as is Jax our red headed Dutch boy… Sebastian spits, slaps, plugs, and plows Jax as he begs for more… as once Jax’s ass is in that sling… he is open and ready for all that Sebastian can give him… Each of these guys drops their nut loads and eagerly feed it to each other… Sebastian and Jax snowballing the cum back and forth… This scene is intense, raunchy, and a wonderful treat for our leather lovers… Once again… it’s… Intense, Authentic, Original… All shot in Hi-Def… another Fucken hot scene for our members to enjoy!!! What more can we say…

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