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Alpha Male Fuckers prensents Cort Masters and Nic James

Alpha Male Fuckers, Cort Masters, Nick James

During a crowded party for gays, these beefy hunks find themselves alone without their boyfriends. Surrounded by many handsome guys makes these guys horny. Wanting to make their own private party, these guys find an empty room and get wild inside. Each guy sports a huge hard-on . As their shaven heads begin to perspire, these lustful men release their pent-up sexual desire. Soon, they’re fucking each other’s face as they take turn in driving their cock shafts down each other’s throat. Their muscular torsos bulge as they flex. The fuck creates much noise as the bed creaks. This sex video is definitely worth watching, so don’t miss its spectacular cumshots . You will drool as cum drops shoot out of their cock slits.

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Logan Mc Cree on Alpha Male Jerkoff

Alpha Male Jerk Offs

So Logan McCree arrives at the studio with his life partner Vinnie D’Angelo. A few of the team are pretty jealous of what is about to happen upstairs on set. They love Vinnie, but they are all “in love” with Logan. I mention that I don’t understand why the world is in love with Logan, but the guys in the office just glare at me like I am mad! Well, things soon change for sure: I am watching Logan sit on the changing room bench in his shorts and vest. He looks at the camera and instantly I fall “in lust!”. It is something in his eyes, as he gets sexually aroused he is like a Tiger on the hunt! He begins by rubbing his crotch through his football shorts. Slowly, manfully, he plays with his long cock. His bulge grows. This is so hot that even Vinnie, sitting out of shot can’t help himself. He too, gets his cock out and jerks off watching his lover self-pleasure! Logan starts teasing by bringing just the head of his cock out of the leg of the shorts, and then tugs his balls, out of the other leg. His cock gets so fucking hard and big. I am on the floor between his legs just wanting to grab his huge manhood and suck on it, but Vinnie is watching. I am sure he wouldn’t mind, but I want to keep the momentum going. Logan strokes his tattooed cock (by the way, he tattooed this part of his body himself). Logan, pulls of his shorts and let’s us see in full his heavy ball sack, the hairy crack of his arse and the full amazing length of his cock. He leans back on the bench and obviously enjoying every moment, strokes until he comes to a gushing climax! Wow, what a sportsman!!

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I never thought I see the day where Trojan Rock would bottom for someone: Great scene

Alpha Male Fuckers, porn stars, TY Leboeuf

If you are hairy mature men lovers and hairy beefyhunks, you’re gonna enjoy the following video. It features man mountain Trojan and beefy hunk Ty LeBoeuf as they do flip fucking in the most unusual way. Trojan and Ty are indeed into each other sexually. They are matched perfectly as one is a young man who likes to have sex with older men and the other is a daddy who likes hairy guy. The heat of the sauna doesn’t stop Trojan from expressing his ecstasy as Ty sits on his face. Ty rubs his butt hole against Trojan’s hungry mouth and tongue. Deep probing his hairy ass and his perfect puckered hole , Ty looks quite horny and sexually excited. The beefy hairy man then fucks Ty in every conceivable position, with much lust. It seems as if they could fuck forever. As the temperature increases, Ty returns the favor by  deep fucking Trojan, something rarely seen before , for this popular top! Ty gives up a generous amount of his thick goo onto Trojan’s hairy chest right before Trojan ejaculates in uncontrollable gushes. Because they fuck hard, they are sweating profusely, as if it’s a scorching noon. After sex, they clean up finish it all in the shower.

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